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CADS Spaces for hire

Revered underground venue and events company The Night Kitchen was listed as one of the UK’s 10 Best Clubs in The Guardian, 2015. The Night Kitchen is a partnership between CADS & Party for the People.


CADS has also played host to myriad one-off events spanning theatre, photo-shoots and art exhibitions covering 50 days of the year and attracting over 2,000 visitors.


CADS Spaces

All our spaces are available all year round
(subject to bookings)


Alongside our studios, we have multiple versatile, unique spaces available for hire. Our rooms offer something different from the corporate, everyday places that you visit on a daily basis. Bring something special to your project or event, something different that sparks interest and intrigue, using these seemingly abandoned places that hide a wealth of art and heritage.


Please contact us for more information and to arrange a viewing
CADS Office 0114 3489 421
If you can’t find what you’re looking for, we have contacts within the industry that have spaces available. Give us a ring or an email and we can point you in the right direction or find you some alternatives.




The Abbeydale Picture House

The ABBEYDALE PICTURE HOUSE is relatively new to our portfolio. It has been an exciting challenge, bringing this building back to life and in successfully holding multiple events this year and gaining a marriage licence for the building, we are well on our way! We have lots of spaces available to hire including The Auditorium, Fly Tower, Reception / Meeting Rooms, a Cafe Space and Foyer and a large car park suitable for outdoor events. Read more about the Abbeydale Picture House and our recent events & exhibitions here

Photo 2 by Mal Whichelow

Available for:

  • Weddings
  • Screenings
  • Theatre Performances
  • Meetings
  • Photoshoots
  • Exhibitions
  • Outdoor Events


The Great Hall

THE GREAT HALL is a cavernous space located in the Snow Lane side of CADS Works. With it’s high ceilings and vast space, it is suitable for a range of activities. It has proven a popular location for theatre productions and music videos a like.

  • Drop us a line.

CADS Office - 0114 3489 421

Warehouse Gallery

WAREHOUSE GALLERY is our main gallery spaces. With easy access from the road and a loading bay within the joining courtyard area, it’s our most popular space for exhibitions and small public events.

  • Get in touch with us via telephone or email.

CADS Office - 0114 3489 421

Basement Sound Room

BASEMENT SOUND ROOM is one of the rooms used by The Night Kitchen for its club space. It’s low ceilings and dark walls create an intimate setting for projections, film and photo shoots.

  • Contact the CADS office for more information. 

CADS Office - 0114 3489 421

TNK Room

TNK ROOM is the main room used by The Night Kitchen club space. This room is perfect for music video shoots and exhibitions wanting a darker room.

  • Drop us a line.

CADS Office - 0114 3489 421

Union Street

UNION STREET, alongside it’s co-working spaces, has extra space for meetings, workshops and talks. It played host to ‘Festival of Debate’ earlier this year, which involved talks, film screenings and other gatherings.

Hot desking and co-working spaces are available at our co-working space in the City centre at Union Street.

Is there anything you'd like to know more about? Simply pick up the telephone or send us an email. We'd love to hear from you.