Past Projects

Past Projects

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Space CADets

Got a project? Need space? Got no money? Why not become a space CADet....

Space CADets is a self-funded programme from us here at CADS Trust for the people who need it.

The programme enables successful applicants to access a free studio space - approximately 100-120 sqft in size, worth £35 per week - in which to launch a new initiative, carry out a short art project or start up a new business without the pressures of immediate rent and bills.


Following the 6 week incubation period, Space CADets get the opportunity to showcase their project in one of our exhibition areas as well as broadcast and promote it through our online networks. And to top it all off - Space CADets get the chance to take on their studio at a discounted rate.


Sound good? Find out if you're eligible and download an application form over at our Opportunities page.

CADS A.I.R. (Artist In Residence)

A project currently being further developed, CADS has had a variety of artists in residence over the years. We have had self-funded and grant-funded artists who have come over from different countries to extend their artistic portfolio in the UK. We have had artists whose circumstances have led them to financial difficulties and health issues who we've therefore enrolled onto the A.I.R programme to give them support in their studio and the security and direction that comes with it.

We are currently working on defining our A.I.R programme and are looking to develop it in the very near future, watch this space!

Free Hand

(part of the Space CADets Programme)

Every Wednesday evening, the Warehouse Gallery is donated to this creative workshop.

Read more about Free Hand.


(part of the Space CADets Programme)

'Space: Space has always been a concern for me (since in utero – I am a twin!) and I always desire to work/sculpt larger than my means.'

Read more about Clee.

Nick Spencer

(Space CADets Programme and CADS A.I.R.)

Nick Spencer, a resident here at CADS, is a shining example of someone coming up trumps after facing adversity.

Read more about Nick.

Geraint Edwards

(part of the Space CADets Programme)

Geraint Edwards has been developing a large-scale installation idea for some time - but needed a large space to test functionality.

Read more about Geraint.

Get Creative

Get Creative is an initiative established in collaboration between Sheffield Art Forge, SY Arts and CADS Trust. The premise is to deliver therapeutic arts workshops for under represented communities in Sheffield.

Beneficiaries of the programme include people facing depression and low self esteem, drug and alcohol dependency, learning difficulties and isolation resulting from illness.

“Having been ill for a long and very isolated time, to sit round a table with other people on a regular basis and have the stimulation of being taught art techniques is a wonderful thing.”

Each session features a local artist who teaches different artistic skills to participants enabling participants to try a range of media and find one that helps them express themselves best.

The sessions are supplemented by qualified arts psychotherapists who are on hand to help participants deal with any problems that may arise. Sessions include workshops in painting, drawing, jewellery making, photography and Photoshop and sculpture.

“In the time of lonliness and being a middle aged person, you find yourself more isolated. Especially with people with mental health problems which can present a stigma. This course encourages you to be yourself and allows you to be free and not judgemental to yourself and others and above all a nice break from your negative thoughts.”

The programme is now in its third year and we are looking to continue the programme into the future. Funding for previous rounds of the programme has been awarded by The Big Lottery Fund and The Brelms Trust.

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